Katelynd, Heath, Amy, Jackson and Dalton

Katelynd, Heath, Amy, Jackson and Dalton

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We are finally catching up with technology. I know that's hard to believe with Heath being on top of all computer stuff; however, it's true! So here we go! Katelynd is now 11 years old and growing so much that she is almost as tall as me! Dalton is in the middle at the age of 7. And then there's Jackson... our firecracker, our keep you busy, our always on the go 4 year old!! They are all pretty special in very different ways and now we can keep everyone informed on our everyday happenings! We are really excited and hope that all of our families enjoy this blog of our adventures in this life that began when we had our first date 13 years ago! WOW, time sure flies when you are madly in love!!!

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